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Often, when we go abroad and go around to shop, can happen to get into shops that expose the sign "tax free".Sign that concerns us: that shop we can recover the money of VAT.We try to understand how it works: when you buy an item worth more than € 154.94, you can ask for a refund of VAT paid to customs for this purchase. But when you're paying for the purchase in the store you have to apply for tax free and you will be given a document (like invoice) with which you can get back the money you paid for VAT. In the shops connected with the network Centax: when making a purchase in an EU country request the appropriate form to the tax free cash, they already indicate 'the amount you deserve and provide you with a list of addresses of the offices Blue Global Tax Free Refaund . The form must still be stamped by Customs before appearing in one of these offices will provide 'reimbursement.If you go to England (or back in Italy) you can not use them on tobacco (so if you are heavy smokers buy cigarettes from the tobacconist in the house and put them in your suitcase before leaving home)



 V.A.T. exemption reserved to Diplomatic

we provide 

 V.A.T. exemption reserved to Diplomatic and Consular Missions and their Staff. 

Italian Law allows to extract the amount of V.A.T. which is otherwise included in the price of goods and services , by a provision conceived for exempting goods destined for export from the Country, which is being extended by analogy to goods and services purchased by Diplomatic and Consular Missions and their Staff.

The system in force in Italy provides V.A.T. exemption at the point of sale

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