Samsonite сервисный центр в Риме.


tel +39 06 77071949

email: danipel.snc

closed on sunday

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 Your samsonite warranty only covers manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials; which does not cover damages caused by normal wear and tear abuse, misuse and carrier mishandling. 


Your Samsonite Luggage damaged by airline is not covered by the warranty policies, travelers need to make the claims directly with the airline at destination airport.


Tips to to help you to pack and claim your luggage:

1. Keep the original purchase receipt and warranty card for warranty claim,

2. Make sure the warranty card is with valid date and address of the shop / brand,

3. Purchase travel and baggage insurance when you travel,

4. Take some images of your luggage before check in as proof of your luggage conditions,

5. Do not over pack your luggage, which will give pressure to the luggage zippers, seams, frames and hinges, Make sure your luggage is locked, zipped or closed properly, before checking in,

6. Check your checked in luggage carefully immediately after arriving at the airport (the wheels, trolley, handle, stand, lock and zipper) and file the damage claim before leaving the airport,

7. Keep the air ticket, boarding pass and baggage tag until you have satified with your checked in luggage conditions,

8. If you only notice the luggage damage upon returning to your house, you can check with the airlines for the valid claim period; most of the international flights allow the damage claim within 7 days,

9. Take some images of the damaged portion of your luggage as the proof of damage.

10. You can file the damage claim online for some airlines.

in Rome closed to Manzoni Metro A Station the first samsonite store disability friendly. Easy to achieve easy to park , easy to shop


Danipel snc di Daniele Di Renzo   via Emanuele Filiberto,92    00185 Roma   p.iva 01317471009      c.f. 04873000584  

Danipel snc di Daniele Di Renzo   via Emanuele Filiberto,92 tel 06 77 07 19 49     00185 Roma   p.iva 01317471009      c.f. 04873000584